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The Baltic Sea nutrients and carbon reuse challenge

NEW EU competition for innovations in the Baltic Sea

The EU-funded project BONUS RETURN announces a competition for innovations addressing how to reuse nutrients and carbon emissions in the Baltic Sea.


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BONUS RETURN – The Baltic Sea nutrients and carbon reuse challenge


The Baltic Sea’s ecosystems are threatened due to marine and land pollution, thus endangering its current and future benefits to society. The Baltic Sea nutrients and carbon reuse challenge is open to countries within the European Union. Applicants are required to submit their applications on the project website, before 12th February 2018.

Up to three innovations will be chosen to be part of the project’s pre-commercialization process with a chance to present their innovation to a group of investors, researchers and public-sector actors at the Baltic Sea Future Conference in Stockholm, 8-9 March 2018.

“We hope to find creative solutions with the potential to reduce the release of nutrients from wastewater and agriculture into the Baltic sea. This will be an opportunity for innovators to develop and test their prototypes in testbeds, with support from the project,” says Erik Kärrman, Group Manager, RISE.

BONUS RETURN aims to collaboratively support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that produce eco-technologies, by assessing their effectiveness in reducing nutrients and carbon, and deploying them using test-beds and commercialization at the project’s three case study sites in Sweden, Finland and Poland.

The winners will have the opportunity to perform tests, match their product to local needs, obtain tailor-made procurement and business plans, connect with investors, and introduce their products to potential markets.

“Phosphorous of high quality is a finite resource that must be considered globally, as it is essential to maintain food production. Greater recovery and the reuse of nutrients in wastewater is required in the future, as the potential for phosphorous recycling to agricultural land is very high. Therefore, innovations are needed to increase the proportions of nutrients that are reused in agriculture or other areas,” says Daniel Hellström, R & D Manager, Swedish Water & Wastewater Association.

Apart from their ability to reuse nutrients and carbon, the eco-technologies will be assessed on their sustainability readiness based on the following criteria: health and hygiene, environmental issues, economy, socio-cultural dimensions and technical function.


For interviews or further information, please contact:

Karina Barquet, Project Manager, BONUS RETURN

karina.barquet@sei-international.org +46 70 388 5690

Brenda Ochola, Communication Officer, BONUS RETURN

brenda.ochola@sei-international.org +46 73 707 8613
BONUS RETURN consists of a consortium of partners in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Poland:

Stockholm Environment Institute (coordinating partner)

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Uppsala University

University of Copenhagen

Finnish Environment Institute

Warsaw University of Life Sciences

BONUS RETURN is a three-year project aimed at reducing emissions in the Baltic Sea by turning nutrients and carbon in the Baltic Sea into benefits. The project has received funding from BONUS (Art 185), funded jointly by the EU and runs from May 2017 to May 2020.

www.bonusreturn.com   | Twitter: #BonusReturn

BONUS is a joint research and development programme producing knowledge to support

development and implementation of regulations, policies and management practices specifically tailored for the Baltic Sea region. It issues calls for competitive proposals and funds projects of high excellence and relevance based on its strategic research agenda.

www.bonusportal.org   | Facebook and Twitter: BONUSBaltic

Contact: Maija Sirola, Communications Manager, BONUS
maija.sirola@bonuseeig.fi  +358 403520076


EU funded #BonusReturn project invites applications for #innovations addressing nutrient and carbon reuse in the #BalticSea Apply now: https://www.bonusreturn.com

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What is unique about the #BonusReturn project?

Prof. Neil Powell of @SWEDESD_UU talks about how #innovations in the project will work together to address multiple demands in the #balticsea region: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbhcnsL3UwM

#BonusReturn is creating a market for needed #innovations in the #BalticSea says Charlotta Möller of @RISEsweden Submit your application today to 'The Baltic Sea Nutrients and Carbon Reuse Challenge’ at bonusreturn.com  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFTWe7z7ybc

Have you submitted your application to the #BalticSea nutrients and carbon #reuse challenge? The winner(s) will have the opportunity to perform tests at #BonusReturn three case study sites in Sweden, Finland and Poland. Apply today: https://www.bonusreturn.com

Have you submitted your application to the #BalticSea nutrients and carbon #reuse challenge? Winner(s) will have the opportunity to match their product to local needs in the Baltic Sea Region & introduce their #innovation to potential markets. Apply today: https://www.bonusreturn.com